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On Saturday, 7 October 2017 (9:00-16:00), a post-congress excursion to the historical area of Lavrio will take place, which will include:

  • The description of the geological and hydrogeological conditions, and in particular the environmental impact of the long-term exploitation of the mixed sulphide ores of Lavrio.
  • Visit to mining sites and ancient flotation facilities (ancient construction for flotation)
  • Visit to the Mineralogical and Archaeological Museum as well as the ancient Theater of the city of Lavrio
  • Visit to the Technological and Cultural Park of Lavrio
  • Free lunch



Destination area of
post-conference excursion

City of Lavrio  town of lauriou
 laurio 1  Ancient flotation facilities
Representation of
an ancient flotation facility
 laurio 2
 laurio 3  Mining Minerals of Lavrio
Mineralogical Museum of Lavrio  laurio 4
laurio 5  Archeological Museum of Lavrio
Technological and
Cultural Park of Lavrio
laurio 6


The excursion will take place only if the necessary number of at least 30 persons is completed.

The cost of participation will be 15 euros per person and will include the transfer from Athens to the city of Lavrio as well as the tickets for the two museums.

Those interested in participating in the excursion are kindly requested to fill in the following form.


*** Registration were completed. Thank you for your interest. ***


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